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I'm back! I know, I know. Long time didn't update kan? Guess what. I participated in the KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009 together with 2 of my friends - Harold and Adrian. This is the first time I joined in such hunt. This event was part of the program in Zoom! Malaysia.

We attended the briefing on Saturday February 21st (first time juga la masuk Auditorium Pejabat Pentadbiran ni. Very nice that venue). When it comes to the explanation part, my head started to lose its fuel. Mmg bikin pening tu contoh-contoh soalan dia. How should I say, my brain was so 'hungry' after the briefing. Then I started to feel a bit of fear because I don't know what will the questions look like the next day.

We stayed at my family's weekend apartment in Bandar Sierra so that we don't have to wake up so early to get to Nexus Karambunai Resort - the Hunt's flag-off venue. That Saturday night, we put on the sponsor stickers on the car. We also configured 3G connection using my sister's cellphone and Adrian's laptop. In the end, we don't use Adrian's laptop at all (sorry Addy, susah2 ko bawa, last² nda juga terguna. Tp because of your laptop, I know how 3G connection looks like. TQ TQ). We slept a bit early, somewhere around 11:00pm because we need to get up at 4:30am on Sunday. The registration of teams started at 5:40am at Nexus.

There was some cars by the time we reached Nexus Resort Karambunai at 5:40am. We're not too far from the starting point. We had a good workout exercise before setting forth, much like those we do at Core Fitness. The Flag-Off was a bit late though (7:45am).

(Prior to the race, the 3 of us made an agreement that whoever quarrels will eat the 'Cili Padi'. hahahaha..). Our team (Team No.3 out of 120 teams) flagged off at 7:48am. The race began.

First part of the Leg - We were given questions to solve, venue guide together with a Treasure Hunt passport. Plus, we need to find 'treasures' - things that we need to look for to bring back at the end of the hunt. There are 6 places we need to go to get the passport stamped - DBKK, Gaya Street, Terminal 2 Airport, Mari Mari Cultural Village, Inanam, Sabah Tourism Board, and Hyatt Roundabout. We missed getting a stamped at Mari-Mari Cultural Village in Inanam because that place was quite far (9km from Inanam Town) and the time doesn't allow us to go there. Besides getting passport stamps, clue findings awaits us in Api-api Centre.

We searched for an item that will be used for the 1st challenge (at Teluk Likas beach) firstly at a sundry shop at University Apartment. We were needed to get 600ml of Spritzer water bottle refilled. But no luck there - they don't sell Spritzer Mineral Water. So we went off to Kingfisher Park's 7-Eleven's. Yes! They do sell Spritzer 600ml. We got off quickly and went straight to Teluk Likas beach to do our 1st challenge - one person pours water to the cupped palms of the 2nd person, and the 2nd person pours into another bottle which the 3rd person is holding. Happy juga la bila dorang kasi tau yg team kami yg first sampai utk bikin tu challenge. Ahaks..

We splitted in Gaya Street - Harold doing the passport stamping, Adrian finding treasures at 7-Eleven, and I, parking the car and wait inside. Driver kan. Hahaha.. Upon reaching Api-Api Centre we need to find clues. The clues given during the race are in many different forms - Anagram, Knowledge-based, missing letters, complete sentences, etc). Completing clue-findings in Api-Api, we went to Double-Six at Sembulan. There are not so many clue-findings here, yet the questions are not that easy to be solved. Some answers are founded on the menu - so small that you really need to look closely.

Next, we went straight to Terminal 2 airport where we need to get a passport stamp. We dropped Adrian at somewhere near Tg. Aru Plaza to search for the wanted treasures while Harold and I drove to Terminal 2. We picked up Adrian on the way back.

Next - Petagas War Memorial. The clues are very straightforward here. You just need to fill in the blanks and answer a general knowledge question. Done with Petagas, we went to KDCA to check in. We need to get there before the time limit of first leg of 10:45am. There's also a challenge in KDCA - finding the cultural houses names by referring to snapshots on aclue paper given.

For the 2nd leg, we headed to Lok Kawi Animal Park. RM5 is the entrance fee for a team (mo bayar juga oh..). Not really difficult for us because we've been here before. The clues are not that difficult except for the Bornean Gibbon and the 'No KK gang beats up this creature' question.
After Lok Kawi Animal Park, our next stop is at Alamesra - finding clues on one row of a shoplot.

Then, we head to 1Borneo. We splitted up here to do the question - quite a challenge here because we need to find specific kinds of shoe to answer the Adidas challenge, the Cultural question challenge which involved SMS-ing the answers in 90 seconds, and clue-findings on 1Borneo main driveway.

We reached Nexus Resort Karambunai at exactly 1:48pm - 6 hours after we set off. The high tea was good, our team didn't get any lucky draws (ouch!), we didn't place in the top 20 (sigh..) and we're extremely exhausted. But we've gain so much in this treasure hunt. We also managed not to quarrel during the hunt, though there are times when we're in total dispute among each other. As for myself, I learnt how to drive fast (kidding!!). nda ba.. I learnt to work as a team - I've often work in teams, but this challenge really shows what teamwork really means. I'm glad to have both the navigator and the passenger. Next year kita try bikin sejarah k? hahaha..


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when's the next race? i want to have a team!! reminds me of kiwanis punya treasure hunt ni...tapi best oh kau hehe

Wah..! Hebat lah aktiviti kamu ni Bian. Uncle turut tumpang bangga dengan kamu ni....
Kalau ada Borneo Treasure Hunt tu... ko ikut lah. Pengalaman sudah ada... mana lah tau ada chance mo ikut rancangan Amazing Race Asia nanti... dapat juga masuk TV... he..he..

Good Luck!